Different pillow types for different sleepers


It is really very frustrating when you need to toss and turn all night without having a great quality night sleep.  There are lots of things which can make you toss and turn all night on a bed and can make you restlessness. One of those main things can be a pillow which can make you feel restlessness.

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If you think that a single pillow is perfect for all peoples then you are wrong because pillows are not a one size fits all sleep accessory. There are various types of pillows for various type of peoples.

So get ready to choose a perfect pillow for yourself which can make you have a great sleep today night. there are lots of pillows are there in market outside which makes it really very confusing to choose a perfect one for yourself but with this little guide of different type of pillows for different sleeping positions, can make you choose a perfect pillow for yourself.

1.Are you a stomach sleeper?

If you are a stomach sleeper then you need a little sport. If you are the one who sleeps on your belly then a low loft pillow is a best suitable pillow for yourself. As a stomach sleeper, you need to choose a very thin pillow for yourself to support your chest and head. If you use a thin pillow then this will help you to have a great quality sleep. You don't need to Hyperextend your neck which can cause neck pain. As a stomach sleeper if you don't use a pillow still you can have a great quality sleep because you lay down on your belly.

2.Are you a side sleeper?

 Side sleeping is the most popular sleeping style among peoples. If you sleep on one side then you need a Firm pillow to align your spine neck and back. Alignment of the body is necessary to have a quality sleep. A study says that a pillow of 4 inches above the mattresses is the perfect pillow for side sleepers.

3.Are you a back sleeper?

 A back sleeper needs a pillow that supports the natural curvature of the spine to support your shoulders head and neck. It is recommended to you that if you are a back sleeper then you need a pillow with less height as compared to side sleepers.

4.The propped up sleeper

 if you fall asleep in a chair when you need more than one pillow to have a comfortable sleep without snoring or sneezing.  If you don't pick a right type of pillow then this can make you have a stuffed nose when you wake up. You should use a wedge pillow to support your head. You shouldn't use stacked pillows to have a great sleep. If you will not snore then your family will definitely thank you.

5.Are you an allergy sufferer?

If you are an allergy sufferer and saliva from your mouth start dripping then changing a right type of pillow can help you. If you can't change your sleeping position then changing a pillow will help you to have a great sleep while you are an allergy sufferer. You should use latex pillow for yourself if you are an allergy sufferer. You can find the density of the pillow as per your preference. You can find any pillow hard or soft as per your preferences.

These are the various types of sleeper styles with the type of the pillow they should use to have a great quality sleep.

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Why should you care about your pillow?

You might be searching that why you should spend so much of your time in choosing a perfect pillow for yourself then here is your answer. To make yourself sleep with cozy comfort, you need a perfect type of pillow for yourself.  In addition, to provide comfort to you, your pillow will also support your neck body and head as well as keep your body alive to have a great sleep.

 If you don't choose a perfect pillow for yourself then this can cause you spine pain neck pain and other types of aches. You will feel restlessness. Sneezing and snoring are other problems which can cause by a wrong pillow.

 Choosing a wrong pillow can affect your health both mentally as well as physically such as if you wouldn't get good sleep then this will affect your concentration, mood, memory and stress which can lead a problem to depression.

 Having not enough sleep makes you face pain and aches and you will feel restlessness illness and such other physical problems.

 You need a perfect pillow so that you can wake up feeling energized and refreshed. You need a perfect pillow to stop snoring so that your sleeping partner, kids, friends and family will thank you.

Here is the type of pillows which one should avoid to have a comfortable sleep. Click here to view my Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bestpillowsforsleeping

1.Stomach sleepers

If you are a stomach sleeper then avoid using a contour pillow. A contour pillow specially designed for back and side sleepers. The water pillows or high height pillows are not perfect pillows for stomach sleepers. Thin pillows are perfect pillows for stomach sleepers.

2.Back sleeper

If you are a back sleeper then you should avoid using stiffed pillows for yourself. You should not use a high height pillow if you are a back sleeper. If you use stiffed or a high height pillow then and use it lying under your neck throughout the night and if a pillow does not offer you alignment then you may wake up with a stiffed neck and neck pain.

3.Neck pain sufferer

If you are neck pain sufferer then you should avoid using polyester pillows because polyester pillows can’t offer support to your neck thus can cause a problem. 

4. Side sleeper

If you are a side sleeper then avoid using pillows that are too high or too low or you should avoid using polyester, leather and gel pillows. These are extra soft pillows but if you sleep on one side then you need a firm pillow rather than extra soft pillows because extra soft pillows would not give a perfect alignment to your neck, spine and body thus you can face problem while sleeping.